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How Make Avocado Juice

In the dry season, cold drinks seem to be nice. Among many kinds of cold drinks, fruit juice is very popular. There are many kinds of fruit juice. They are orange juice, melon juice, and avocado juice. Now, I will tell you how to made avocado juice. OK? Listen carefully. Prepare the ingredients. they are :

- 1 avocado
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 cup of water
- 1 cup of ice
- 4 tablespoons of sugar- 1 tablespoon of chocolate sprinkles
- 1 wafer stick

Other things you need are :
- a blender
- a glass

Now follow the steps to make the juice. Firstly, peel the avocado. Secondly, cut them into small pieces. Then, put them into the blender. Add some milk, water, ice and sugar. After that, blend them for about 30 seconds. Then, put the blend into the glass and add chocolate sprinkles and a wafer stick on the top of the glass to make it more delicious. Now, a glass of delicious avocado juice is ready to serve. It is easy, isn't it ?

Tourist Attraction Interesting TanjungKodok

Have you ever visited Tanjung Kodok? Some of you may have been to that place. Tanjung Kodok is a tourist resort in East Java that has attractive view to see. Tanjung Kodok is a beach that lies on the north coast of East Java. Exactly, this resort is located in Paciran Lamongan, East Java. The beach is about 25 kilometers from Lamongan city, near Goa Maharani, another popular tourist spot in Lamongan.

Tanjung Kodok has a meaning that describes the most important part of the beach. In the area, there is a cape, a strip of coral reef projecting into a body of water, whose structural shape is like a frog. That's why the cape is called Tanjung Kodok as Tanjung means a cape and Kodok in Javanese means frog.

Girls Now Have To Be Careful

There was once a beautiful girl living in a city. She was know as Shinta, a nice and friendly girl. She studied at a popular Senior High School in the city. She always followed the trend of young people life style. She got dressed as how the trend was at the time. In her idea, Western modern life was the ideal model for all people. She thought that everybody should be free to do anything he or she liked.

She had a handsome boyfriend, Deo. Having a boy or girl friend was like a must
for the young people in the city. Parents advice to get away from Western culture was considered old-fashioned.

Shinta loved her boyfriend very much. On Saturday evening they made a date,
going to a theatre, cafe, or a party. Shinta's parents were worried about her. They have warned her but she ignored them. She thought, "Though my parents don't agree with me, the show must go on. I love him very much. Whatever happens to me, I'll face it. "Yes, love was blind. She got blind. Since then, she often quarreled with her father and mother. She become uncontrolled She went out more often at night with her boyfriend. But, her parents could do nothing but only wait, see and pray.