Tourist Attraction Interesting TanjungKodok

Have you ever visited Tanjung Kodok? Some of you may have been to that place. Tanjung Kodok is a tourist resort in East Java that has attractive view to see. Tanjung Kodok is a beach that lies on the north coast of East Java. Exactly, this resort is located in Paciran Lamongan, East Java. The beach is about 25 kilometers from Lamongan city, near Goa Maharani, another popular tourist spot in Lamongan.

Tanjung Kodok has a meaning that describes the most important part of the beach. In the area, there is a cape, a strip of coral reef projecting into a body of water, whose structural shape is like a frog. That's why the cape is called Tanjung Kodok as Tanjung means a cape and Kodok in Javanese means frog.

Tanjung Kodok is a comfortable place to visit. The water of the beach is clean. The air is fresh with the warm blow of coastal wind. Some waves sometimes can be seen there. However, you may go down to the sea water, take some photographs and have some fun with the water.

For the children, in Tanjung Kodok there is a children swimming pool, where they can amuse themselves. There are also fishing and camping areas that provide specific entertaining recreations for certain visitors.

To satisfy the visitors some hotels and restaurants are built there. For shoppers, the resort provides a specific market where souvenirs, foods and drinks are sold with cheap prices. Since the visitors come from other regions, provinces and countries, the parking lot is wide enough to accommodate many kinds of vehicles.

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