Be More Secure in Your Hotel When You Go Travel

Most of us stay in a hotel or a resort when we travel. One of important matters we should aware is professional thieves who make their livings by targeting unsuspecting tourists, especially the “innocent” ones.

Here are some beneficial tips that may give you much advantages to get yourself more secured in your hotel or anywhere you stay.

First of all, the lobbies of hotels and resorts should never be considered secure, even in the upscale ones! Travelers on holiday can be an easy target of picking for opportunistic thieves, especially at the peak times when the hotel reception staff is extremely busy with new guests arriving and others trying to check out. Unless you know for sure that it is being looked after by a bellman, never walk away and leave your travel luggage unguarded!

If you are having something to eat in a hotel restaurant or in any places when on holiday, especially a buffet, never leave your laptop, briefcase, handbag, or anything valuable unguarded to get a drink or some more food. It takes professional thieves only a split second to make off with them. It would be essentially impossible for the hotel staffs to be constantly on the lookout for these perpetrators!

Try to book your hotel room that is on the second, third, fourth, or fifth floor, as the ground floor rooms are more susceptible to break in. However, keep it in your mind that hotel rooms above the fifth floor may not be easily accessible by many fire engine ladders if a fire breaks out in your hotel.

Make sure that the door to your room locks properly, and that the windows and sliding doors open, but also lock securely. Most hotels and resorts use electronic card keys for their hotel room doors as they offer stronger security than the conventional metal keys. Don’t carry your key card in its folder if the folder has the room number on it. Write down your room number on a piece of paper and keep it on your person when you go out. Leave the folder in your room.

Identify unfamiliar hotel staffs or visitors to your room before you open your door. Call down to the front desk if you find him/her in doubt mattering the authenticity of that person. It is proper not to give your room number to anyone that you don’t know and trust.

It’s not always a good idea to hang a “please clean the room” sign on the door knob when you go out somewhere, as it tells a 'would be-thief' that there is probably nobody in the room.

Never take for granted that your hotel room door is locked just because it closes automatically when you go out. Always re-check to make sure that it has really locked. If your room has a balcony, also make sure that the sliding glass door is also really locked since it may be possible for a thief to climb on to your balcony from a balcony beside, above or below yours.

Never leave any of your valuables belongings lying around in plain view in your hotel room, since they may be too tempting for some cleaning staffs to resist. Place all small valuables of yours in your room safe if there is one. But once again, always keep in mind that the safes that use metal keys are not as secure as the ones that use electronic key cards.

Lock your small valuables in your largest suitcase when you go out maybe he next best bet if there is no safe in your hotel room is. Locked, hard-sided travel luggage offers you best security. Some travelers even use duct tape to secure small valuables to the underside of the room furniture.

Always use your door’s deadbolt and chain lock at night before you go to sleep, or if you feel like taking a nap.

There is such alarm which is small, inexpensive, battery-operated, motion-sensitive, burglar that can be hung on the inside hotel door knob, or there is a wedge-shaped alarm that you can push under the door that is able to accomplish the same purpose. If someone tries to open your door, the alarm will sound.

There are two less sophisticated, yet effective, methods you could use. You can move a chair in front of the hotel door and place the back-rest part of it under the door knob, or wedge a standard rubber door stopper under the door.

Never forget to empty your room safe when you are packing and getting ready to check out of your hotel or resort. And last but not least, count the number of pieces of luggage you brought and make sure that everything has been put in your taxi.

The most important thing to remember is to always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times when you go travel on holidays.

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