Another Suitable Town to Invest in Indonesia

Cirebon is a second largest independent city in the province of West Java, after Bandung. The city is located on the coast of Java Sea, in Pantura (Pantai Utara)- a abbreviation of 'North Coast', is Indonesian term to call a main line along the north coast - . Pantura of Jakarta-Cirebon-Semarang is the densest point in Indonesia. Cirebon is also the fourth largest city in the Pantura region after Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang.

Suitabe town invest in Indonesia

Because of its strategic location, which is at the junction between Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang, Cirebon is very suitable and the potential to be a land of investment in all sectors such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and education, so that is another appropriate choice to invest. Supported by good economic activity and integrated, the City grew into the thrid metropolitan city in West Java after the three metropolitan BoDeBek (Bogor, Depok, Bekasi), which is the hinterland for the capital city of Jakarta and Bandung the metropolitan city.

Cirebon is a center of business, industry and services in the eastern and northern parts of West Java. Lots of small scale industries, medium and large invested in this city. With the support of many people who work, do their activities and study in Cirebon, about less than 1 million people, Cirebon is kind of more lively. Development in Cirebon is also stretched and showed a positive response, this is proven by the many large buildings and high in the main streets of Cirebon City.

Currently, Cirebon's face has transformed into a third independent and modern city in the western part of Java island after Jakarta and its satellite cities (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi), and Bandung, with its satellite cities (Tasikmalaya, Cimahi Subang, Purwakarta, Cianjur and Garut). Now, the government is keen to develop the metropolitan potential of Cirebon with its satellite cities (Indramayu, Majalengka, Kuningan, and several western parts of Central Java; Tegal, Brebes, Purwokerto, and Pekalongan). In the past, Cirebon was the capital of the Sultanate of Cirebon and the district (county) of Cirebon, but the capital city of Cirebon has now moved to the Sumber.

Cirebon is also known as the City of Shrimp (Kota Udang) and City Guardians (Kota Wali). As a regional meetings of Javanese and Sundanese culture since several centuries ago, the people of Cirebon used to use two languages; Sundanese and Javanese.

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