Human Activities which Affect Biodiversity

Human Activities which affect biodiversity. Recently, human activities in the world always affect the natural destruction leading to biodiversity reduction. That destruction occurs when a number of people no longer live in harmony with the environment, even though in the word peoply have been thought with marvelous value to live along nature.
Unbalanced condition between human and nature is mainly caused by the population growth, which, in turn will need foods, clothes, houses and entertainments. The increase of population number causes natural pressures, such as broadening agricultural and housing fields, developing roads across the forests, developing buildings and waste disposal.
The biggest threat from human activities on biodiversity is the original habitat destruction. The destruction of forests and corals can occur because of these following human. activities.

1. The opening of the forests area for agriculture, housing, or transportation development.
2. Forest logging without its conservation.
3. Domesticated animal grazing (seeps and goats) in the forests or natural heritage.
4. Uncontrolled wild hunting.
5. The use of dangerous bombs and chemicals for fishing.
6. Introducing new organism potential for the destruction of ecosystem stability.
7. Unmanageable waste disposal to environment.
8. Uncontrolled natural resources exploitation for the needs of industrial resources.

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