Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling. Most paper products are made from trees, which need high costs and large quantities of energy. For 1 ton of papers, it needs more than 30,000 liters of water, 17-31 trees, 4,000 kWh of electricity and 30 kg of air pollutants. Therefore, paper recycling is important for the conservation of forest, water and energy; economical reason and reducing the pollution. Paper wastes are recycled to produce new papers. Paper wastes are pulped, cleaned, and bleached from spots and deinked, so that it produces new papers.

Simple way of recycling paper
Making recycled paper from newspaper.
Tools and Materials:

1. Wooden frame
2. nails
3. sieve with holes of about 1 mm
4. rectangular bowl/container large enough to fit the frame
5. formica sheets
6. mortar with pestle
7. jug
8. hairdryer
9. 3 newspaper sheets which have been soaked for 1-2 days
10. green and dried grass (optional)
11. flowers (optional)
12. flat sponge
13 water and gelatin

1. Make the wooden frame, clamp the formica sheet with strips of wood and nails enclosing it.
2. Crush the soaked papers with the mortar and pestle until you get a homogeneous paste, repeat this until you have enough paste.
3. Fill the bowl half halfway with water.
4. Put the paper paste into the bowl and stir it to separate the fibers.
5. Remove all resulting clumps (a dense suspension of fibers must remain in the water).
6. Immerse the frame in the watery suspension in the bowl (the formica sheets should be facing the bottom of the bowl).
7. Slowly remove the frame from the suspension while keeping it steadily horizontal and eventually move the   frame.
8. Wait until the water is draining.
9. Place the smooth side of a frormica sheet on top of the sheet of paper that is still soaked with water.
10.Press on the formica a little to drain the water without deforming the sheet.
11. Use a sponge to collect the water, then squeeze it.
12. Carefully remove the formica sheet so that the paper sheet remains attached to it.
13. Let the paper sheet dry, use the hairdryer to do it more quickly.
14. Make the other sheets of paper, add some grass suspension that is crushed with the mortar.
15. As an option, try to add some flower petals (without crushing them).
16. Write one word using a pen on the recycled paper. Make some notes of your observation result.
17. Put the other recycled papers into the solution of water and gelatin, then dry them.
After they become really dried, write one word on the recycled paper with a pen. Make some notes ofyour observation result.

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